Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Different Storage Options — Part 2

Network File System (NFS) Server

If you do not have much knowledge around NFS, please refer to the wikipedia. NFS now has 4 versions. Basically, NFS is designed for users/computers to access files over network just like access files on local storage.

Container Storage Interface (CSI) Drivers

CSI is the interface to expose file systems to containerized workload in container orchestration like Kubernetes. It acts as the interface for developers to come up with new plug-ins without the worry of touching core codes. To understand more how you could contribute to the community, please check their GitHub site. The section provides the production drivers developed and maintained by each enterprise.

# get the AKS user-managed identity client ID and object ID
az aks show -g <resource group name> -n <AKS cluster name> | grep kubeletidentity -A 5 -B 5



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Learning new things about Kubernetes every day. Hopefully, the learning notes could help people on the same journey!